Lanseria Boarding Kennels

Newly built, elite kennels, totally roofed, on hectares of farmlands.

We are a farm setup, very newly opened in the North of JHB. Relocated from the South of Jhb – Daleside Boarding Kennels. I have worked in our original boarding kennels since the age of ten, and then owned Walkerville Boarding Kennels, and then both.
I am now based 7 kms north of the Lanseria Airport on Malibongwe Rd/Pelindaba Road.  We aim to be a ‘boarding farm’, where dogs can come and run for hours of the day, per family, or with others in a larger area.  We want it to be a “holiday farm” for your pets, not ‘boarding Kennels’… A big difference between those two phrases.

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We have elite under cover kennels, but also have the space and the ability to allow all dogs time to run, get covered in mud if they are so inclined, have a ball, then go back to their suite, relax, chew a chew, and recharge. Of course we cater for every need and age and type of dog, so all routines are suited around the fur-clients. We have a few garden chalets, for larger families, or if u wish ur dog to share with others. The garden kennels are 20m*20m with brick chalets, with underfloor heating, windows and verandah overlooking the farm.

You can tell me you dogs/cats/any other pets needs, and they will be catered for, within reason. I feed hi quality dog foods, but not every type. I serve meals twice a day, with vegetable and minced meat gravy. Cats get Royal Canin dry food, and various wet foods. As we are owner-run, I myself will see what your furkid eats/doesn’t eat, and will mould change accordingly.

We live on the property, there are people on hand 24/7. I also breed Labradors and Golden Retrievers, so have extensive canine medical knowledge, to pick up changes in tummies/wellbeing etc.

Any comfort is welcomed with your dog, these can however be mixed up with my things, in the laundry etc. Bedding, Toys, flat screens, sound-systems are all welcome each kennel has a plug, to accommodate infra-red lights if need mainly . But we will bend over backward to accommodate your pets’ needs.

I do have a card machine on the premises for ease of upfront payment.

We are open Monday to Saturday : 8-10am and 4-5pm, and Sundays 8-8:30am and 4-4:30pm for your convenience. We TRY and cater for people flying in/out of Lanseria Airports times… please discuss with us.



Littlies: Yorkies/Daxies/Min Pins – R160 p.d.p.d  (per dog per day)
Smalls: Bostons / Jack Russells / Pekes / Maltese – R170 p.d.p.d
Medium: Labs / Chows / Golden Retrievers / Spaniels – R180 p.d.p.d
Large: GSDS / Rotties / Wiemeranars / GSP’s / Dobermans – R190 p.d.p.d
XL: Boerboels / Ridgebacks / Great Danes – R200 p.d.p.d
Other: Pitbulls / other – R230
CATS: R110 p.c.p.d

Daily stays/Day care: R120 per day

Long stays over two weeks qualifies for 5% discount.  Longer stays (1month plus) prices are negotiable (not in peak season)

VACCINES : Kennel Cough vaccines is required for Xmas stays only (peak season)  and this vaccine MUST be administered ONE month before entering Lanseria Boarding Kennels.

ADDITIONAL DAILY MEDS: R10 will be charged daily for any medications that need to be administered to each pet.

DEWORMING : It is your responsibility to as a pet owner to deworm your pets every six months, should we feel your dog/cat needs to be dewormed, we will do so adding the cost to your bill.

Should we experience health issues of any sort and need to involve a vet, we will immediately go to our own vet for examination ( You will be alerted immediately)  our travel costs will be for your cost as well as the vets costs.

GOING HOME :  All dogs staying longer than a week, will be shampood, brushed on going home, free of charge.  Staying less than a week, washing/dipping will be charged to your account.  We do not do nail trimming.

FULL PARLOURING :  We now use a mobile professional dog groomer to do our grooming, with outstanding rates, results and care.  Should you wish to take advantage of this service please advise us on booking, or on drop off of the furkids.  They do not do the cats.


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We have a small dog care shop on site at Lanseria Boarding Kennels, we stock the foods we think highly of, and feed, MERA’s whole range of imported foods from Germany which we think highly of, VERY competitively priced; aswell as Lionels Choice, Royal Canin, York Super. Cat ranges aswel.

We stock a lot of the ROGZ range, ID tags, toys, collars, leashes, bowls, beds.

Blankets, wooden dog beds, Hound Sleepers, more toys etc aswell as a small range of the everyday dog care dewormers, several different exterior parasite controls, coat supplements, probiotics, chews, first aid for dogs.

We have credit card facilities for big splurges 🙂

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Our sister shop, Loxtons pet care shop in Strydom Park, 5 Remblok Street, cater for ALL Breed specific cat and dog foods at AWSUM prices, as well as the above mentioned.  They also stock Lionels Choice, Emerald Gold, Montego.

Sharron Brown 082-830-7291 –